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Shuzan ver.1.0

Calculation on the abacus for iPhone

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Analog input - Digital calculation

"Shuzan" is the general name for calculation on the "Japanese abacus".
Generally, when you multiply or divide by using Japanese abacus, it requires some expertise and complicated process. However, this "Shuzan" application makes them very easy like a normal calculator! All you have to do is just push the button.
Of course, you can use as a common abacus if you're the expert.

Plus, you can choose the theme from 10 types of skins that is amazingly beautiful.
We hope you'll enjoy the cool & rich "Shuzan" application interface that is charming in an analog sort of way at a party or any sort of situation.


  • frame:
    Japanese abacus (5rows x 6columns)
  • methods:
    addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
  • rods:
    17figures, calculation to two places of decimals
  • themes:
    10 types of abacus skins (as of november 2009)

How to use

You can calculate on the abacus by moving up and down the beads (counters) on the rods with the fingers.
Upper unit (5-unit counter) represents 5.
Lower unit (1-unit counter) represents 1.

Before beginning, you must see that the abacus is set to zero. You can do this by shaking iPhone (or iPod Touch) so that all the beads (counters) are moved down. Next, please move all the 5-unit counters up by running the forefinger of your right hand between the 5-unit counters and the bar from left to right.

The abacus is now ready for calculation.

When you want to reset all numbers you're calculating, please tap the equal(=)icon twice in a row. To change the theme of abacus, please touch the information(i)icon on the upper-left corner only once.

Language, System Requirements


English, French, Japanese
"Shuzan" works with all iPhones and iPod Touches running version 3.0 software or later.

Android OS

English,Android2.2 or later,adobe AIR is necessary.


weSKA Inc.
2-6-6-2F Higashi
Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo 186-0002




Shuzan themes (Only the iPhone version)

Shuzan themes